HPL provides Sustainable Finance Advisory to institutional clients around the globe.

HPL works closely with development banks, commercial banks, investment managers, project sponsors, and corporations on developing sustainable finance products & incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance factors into the investment, credit, and fund-raising processes.

Sustainable finance structuring

Green, social, sustainable and SLB frameworks (13) executed in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sustainable finance strategy

Diagnostic of FI clients’ portfolios to propose a sustainable finance strategy.

ESG integration

Currently working with a pension fund in LAC to incorporate ESG factors into their investment process.

Financial DD

Conducted a financial due diligence of a public financial institution on behalf of a development bank.

Research and publications

Developed publications, market guidelines, blog posts and a proprietary database of sustainable finance transactions in LAC.

Capacity building

Participated in live seminars, workshops and discussion panels on sustainable finance on the international stage.